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Lenexa (pronounced "linek") is a city in the central part of Johnson County, located on the east side of Kansas City, Kansas, north of the Kansas - Texas border. It borders the Missouri River and the Texas-Kansas border, and some of our favorite destinations in this area are the University of Texas at El Paso, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Texas A & M University and Kansas State University, to name a few.

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Learn that we have more than 30 beautiful parks where you can walk along the trails, play in the playgrounds and enjoy the time outdoors. With 525 miles on over 73 Lenexa trails, you'll find some of the best hiking and biking trails in Kansas, as well as a variety of parks and recreation areas.

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The Lenexa Crime Map provides a detailed overview of crime in Lenexa, according to local law enforcement. Learn more with our detailed online map of LenExa and find out more on our crime maps for all of Kansas City, Kansas.

Lenexa is a current alternative city name associated with 13 U.S. Postal Service postcodes. To view a list of all business and residential mailbox addresses in Kansas City, Kansas, select a specific LenExa zip code. Use the custom "CITY" for the following listings: business, residential, post boxes, addresses, etc.

Where is Lenexa, Kansas on the world map and where is it on the map of Johnson County? Where is LenExa located on our map within Kansas and which satellite images will help you to orientate yourself?

If you plan to travel to Lenexa, you can use our interactive map to find everything from food to hotels to tourist destinations. The map is based on popularity, prices and availability, but Tripadvisor has the best LenExa resources to make your trip to the city as easy as possible. See TripAdvisor reviews, photos and deals and learn about the most popular restaurants, hotels and attractions in the area. In 1869 Scott Gulf acquired the right of way from C.A. LenEXa Tourism for Scott and Gulf.

Lenexa is home to several large employers, including Kansas State University, the University of Kansas and Quest Diagnostics. In the city centre and other parts of the city you will also find many shops, restaurants and other shops. June is also the time of year when LenExa hosts the great LenExa barbeque battle, which serves as the cooking night of the Kansas State Championship.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Lenexa, then the hottest months are July, August and then June. The weather is much too cold in LenExa at this time of year to be pleasant for warm weather travelers. If you can't visit LenEXa in autumn, the next best time for you is to see LenEXa in summer. Due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, this area is less temperate than tourist destinations worldwide.

If you're ready to travel between Lenexa and Kansas City, there are a few luxury hotel options that will keep you pampered and satisfied. Raffael Hotel Autograph Collection is one of the most luxurious hotels in the area, just a short drive from the city centre. LenEXa is a great choice for those who want to settle down without living in a big city with traffic, crowds and crime. Because of the business and employment opportunities growing in LenExa itself, many residents commute to nearby Kansas City for work.

More About Lenexa

More About Lenexa